Local Businesses That Have Pivoted Due to COVID-19

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The Santa Clarita community has long been a place that derives its success from our business industry and local non-profits. Our little slice of heaven brings people in droves every year for our great schools, family friendly atmosphere, and affordability. As a community we have time and time again proven how we are like no other and band together through difficult times. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic this community has once again been presented with many difficulties for businesses and non-profits since it began late 2019. Our community, like most, has undergone yet another hurdle but in the true Santa Clarita fashion we have proven our resilience. We sat down with several advertisers and asked how they have changed to better their outcomes and stay afloat during these trying times. Each account shows how they have successfully pivoted through changes in the business models, implementing precautions, and adhering to CDC guidelines all to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and the community at large. With the coming of the new year, we see that many are hopeful for their future and are working to keep the same quality of service to their loyal clients, patients and customers. We, at élite Magazine, applaud them for their hard work and are very grateful they are still with us during these very unprecedented times.

A Message From Frontier Toyota

First and foremost, we would like to wish you well and let you know that we are thinking of you during these impactful times. You are very important to us as members of our Frontier Toyota Family and rest assured, we will all get through this together.
We’d also like you to know that we get it.  We get the questions and concerns that many of you have and we want you to know that we will continue to be here for you and serve you as best we can.
We are here to help! With that said, we want you to know that we always have and always will take your health and safety very seriously. We are closely monitoring and implementing all the steps and suggestions from the CDC, World Health Organizations, and making ongoing assessments as developments unfold.
We have done everything from accelerating our cleaning procedures, to adding sanitizer stations at each of our main entrances, ensuring that our staff comes to work healthy and that all other recommended procedures in between are being followed.  And of course, we’ve asked our team members to use other methods of greeting (but we promise to keep our famous warm smiles!)
We will be happy to have one of our team members pick you up or return you home if needed for your vehicle service.  We know how important it is, perhaps now more than ever, to be able to rely on your vehicle for transportation.  We will be watching for your emails, waiting for your calls and here to greet you at the door. Whatever we can do, please let us know.
We are here for you!
Your Family at Frontier Toyota

Going Back to a “New Normal”

When COVID-19 began, little did we know that it would last this long. While the end may be in sight with the approval of vaccines, there is no doubt that we will not go back to “business as usual.”
March 11, 2020. On that date, a staff member of Owen, Patterson & Owen told us that she may have had contact with someone with COVID-19. This was before any shutdown by schools, stores, or government agencies. Immediately, our physical office changed. All OPO employees left, and the office was completely disinfected.
In the days preceding March 11th, we had made sure that our outside IT person had set up remote office systems for everyone in their homes. Friends and staff thought we were crazy. They thought it was unnecessary. It would never come to that. We purchased Lysol, wipes, and hand sanitizer for the office when it was still easily available at our neighborhood store. Again, overkill. Masks were delivered, and even we thought, “we aren’t ever going to need these, are we?” Whatever might be needed, we had. We wanted to make sure that “work” would and could continue as normally as possible should the coronavirus become too widespread.
While OPO had the physical tools in place before the shutdown occurred, something amazing happened after everyone went home to work remotely. Now, we have regular Team meetings where our entire staff gets together online, more regularly than we did when we were all in the office together. We discuss cases, as well as how everyone’s family is surviving this “new normal.” We have adopted new technology, becoming more efficient and serving clients with the best customer service possible. Before COVID-19, our physical doors were open from 8:30 to 5:30, weekdays. Now, we are always available. This is the way we will continue. It is better.
“The office” has become much more than a place. It is the employees, the ideas, the teamwork, and most of all, it is you, our clients. You are the very life of our practice. So, until we see each other again in person, please reach out to us at 661-799-3899 or via email at info@owenpatterson.com. Stay safe and healthy.

Dedicated Staff and Communication

For years, Valencia Medical Center provides their patients with stellar service but like most businesses have been met with challenges from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Valencia Medical Center has been able to sustain itself in the pandemic because of their dedicated staff, communication, and having a doctor who really cares. However, the staff have been able to turn things around and continue providing these great services to the Santa Clarita Valley through their proven business methods. “We have wonderful doctors that really cares about our patients and look out for their best interest, we try our best to keep in constant communication with what is going on with our practice from the CDC guidelines,” commented Sara Mosleh, office manager. Because of the pandemic, the office has been even more thorough than ever before with sanitation and safety precautions. “Our office has been in overdrive to make sure everything is always sanitized before and after a patient’s visit from cleaning the power outlets to having hand sanitization stations throughout our facility,” Sara added. So, patients are always informed the staff at Valencia Medical Center goes the extra mile with communication. “Regardless of how people may feel, we have to follow CDC guidelines, so we want to make it easy on the patients by keeping them informed on each visit about any changes,” Sara stated. As we enter the new year Valencia Medical Center is hard at work to keep the same level of care and dedication so they can exceed the expectations of patients both new and old.
Call today and book an appointment for full body wellness at Valencia Medical Center: (661) 222-9117.

Providing Comfort In An Uncomfortable Time!

Consumer’s Furniture has made it a point to provide customers with high quality furniture at affordable prices since it opened in 1978. With a wide variety of selections, many families have been able to find that perfect piece that adds a little bit of flair to the room. Sofas, sectionals, home office, dining tables, and mattresses or whatever you may need to make your house more of a home is available at Consumer’s Furniture. In recent months, like most businesses, the pandemic has brought a new set of challenges but for this family owned and operated business, they have quickly pivoted to improving their business practices to better suit their customer base.
After closing for six weeks due to the stay-at-home order, owner and operator Greg Moser worked to find ways to continue his family business. “Before the pandemic our customers would come in, find a piece they like, and we would special order it the fabric they wanted. Now that people are spending a lot more time indoors, they are wanting their orders a lot sooner so instead we have been keeping a larger inventory in stock at the store so that customers can get their products right away,” comments Greg.
Along with being more proactive with their customers wants and needs, Consumer’s Furniture has taken extra precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and customers. “We have several hand sanitizing stations throughout the store and limit our capacity during business hours, we also offer showroom meetings or in-home private appointments to discuss their needs, we also have given the option for our customers to have the items delivered with contactless delivery, we want to make sure we are safe and more importantly our customers and their family is safe too,” Greg commented.
For more information or to set up your showroom appointment, please give Consumer’s Furniture a call: 661-259-9609 or visit the website and get a preview of what our showroom has in store with our virtual walk through: www.consumersfurniture.com

Added Precautions for the Safety of Patients

Valencia Plastic Surgery was created to fill the gap for high-quality aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. Since its inception, Dr. Howard Hu and his team has remained dedicated to fulfilling his patients’ wants and needs both surgically and non-surgically. In the recent advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Valencia Plastic Surgery has been met with new challenges but with great resolve have quickly pivoted and continue to practice the recommendations by the CDC and the Federal Government. “…we are in healthcare so a lot of the recommendations were something we were already doing, but we continue to educate ourselves on the constant information so we can keep our patients safe,” commented Dr. Hu.
To ensure the safety of patients and the staff members Valencia Plastic Surgery has implemented social distancing and mask policies when coming to the office. “Masks are required when coming to our office,” Dr. Hu commented. To further ensure safety, Dr. Hu and his staff are regularly tested and give a COVID test before surgery and require their patients quarantine a week or so before the actual surgical date. “We schedule the surgery two months in advance so we can go through the necessary processes to keep our patients and staff safe. Luckily, we have had no conversions,” Dr. added. With the new year Valencia Plastic Surgery remains optimistic.
“Hopefully we are on the tail end of this epidemic, I think 2021 will have a brighter outlook for business and I am so grateful to my amazing staff and patients that continue to support us,” Dr. Hu shared.
For more information of safety precautions at Valencia Plastic Surgery, please give them a call: (661) 222-1122 or visit the website and see my Dr. Hu and his team come highly recommend: www.valenciasurgery.com.

LA Vein Center Goes Above & Beyond For Patients

L.A. Vein Center has been busy making certain patients and staff is kept safe without sacrificing the quality of care. “When we first heard of COVID and the seriousness of this virus we rescheduled and canceled non essential treatments and appointments” says Luis practice manager. “We then instituted very strict protocols following CDC and State of California department of health guidelines. The number one priority at the L.A. Vein Center is keeping staff and patients safe. They quickly went into action by implanting protocols throughout the clinic that adhered to the guidelines of the CDC and government. “Once we learned the virus was highly contagious, we worked hard to take these precautions put forth by the CDC, so we added to our already strict safety and cleanliness protocols, we screened everyone, practiced social distancing, disinfected and sanitized throughout the day and strictly enforced wearing masks. We also limited interaction and number of people allowed in the office at one time. Recently, we have been vaccinated as per state regulations for healthcare workers who interact daily with patients,” Luis added. “We screen everyone and take temperatures for everyone and restrict the amount of people that are allowed in our office. We removed excess capacity in our clinic; if a patient needs a family member to accompany them, we limit that to one family member,” Luis commented. Dr. Lee and her team have taken additional precautions to expand and enhance our already safe environment throughout the vein center. “We have very strict protocols for all areas of the clinic, not only for the procedure rooms when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. We use cavicide and hospital grade disinfectants which kill germs, bacteria and viruses,” Luis shared. Luis closed with, “Our team is very thankful to our patients for entrusting their care with Dr. Lee and I want to applaud our staff for working tirelessly to make sure our patients are safe and well taken care of and keeping them well informed throughout the entire process.”
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 818-325-0400 or visit us at www.LAVeinCenter.com . We are located at 4955 Van Nuys Blvd, Suite 704, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Supporting Members Financial and Physical Wellness

With five branches and a large percentage of its membership based in the Santa Clarita Valley, Logix Federal Credit Union recognized the impact that COVID-19 would have on the area and quickly took steps to protect its employees and members, supporting their financial and physical wellness.
Early in the pandemic, the credit union offered PPP loans, waived fees, increased ATM and other transactional limits, and offered loan payment solutions for members who reached out for help. Logix staff appreciates the importance of branch access for its members. Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, protocols and procedures were established, such as partitions, extra cleaning on high traffic surfaces and controlled occupancy in the branches. Mobile and online banking service options were available for those who preferred to bank from home, and the Contact Center was also available to assist by phone and chat. Logix employees communicated often with members, showcasing the ease of these options.
“The pandemic hit Santa Clarita Valley residents especially hard, and we recognized that many of our members would be impacted as well. We responded by reminding members we are here to help, focusing on helping them thrive despite these difficult times,” Logix SVP of Retail Banking Kevin Rishko said.
“Our business is classified as essential, and we are grateful to our staff for continuing to deliver superior service,” Rishko said. “Our members have been outstanding, too. Many of our members are healthcare workers, educators and other essential workers who are all doing their part to help keep our community running.”
The credit union’s Community Relations team ramped up efforts to give back. Logix partnered with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, delivering coffee and 1,000 N95 masks in April. Mid-year, with the Paying with a Purpose campaign, members and the credit union provided $10,000 to the hospital and $5,000 to FeedSCV. In December, Logix matched donations from its members and the community to share more than $15,000 with College of the Canyons.
“We feel really good about what we’ve done to help our members and the community,” Rishko said, “and we’ll continue to be here for them throughout the pandemic and when we all begin our recovery.”

Boosting Morale & Supporting the Community

AllBRiGHT Painting combines 30 years of painting experience to provide customers the best results for all their painting and floor coating needs. In the midst of the pandemic, AllBRiGHT quickly sought for change in their business practices to keep their clients and staff safe and healthy. “We started working remotely and created some new features to make it more convenient for our customers,” stated owner Josh Abramson. “We developed two new tools that help customers have contactless estimates,” Josh added. The first tool is an online calculator that you can find on the website. With the online calculator, a customer can get a close estimate of jobs they may need for the interior or exterior of their home as long as the home is under 3,000 square feet. The second tool allows you to send a video of the area(s) you may want painted and the AllBRiGHT team can send a presentation with details and estimate. Despite the challenges, AllBRiGHT Painting wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of from the community they serve to the staff members and their families. “Our company is all about happiness both external with our customers and internal with our staff, we wanted to make sure that our people were good, so we would have things like drive up meetings to get our guys the things they needed to continue providing a great service and these meetings would have food and other items that they can win to boost morale,” Josh commented.
With so much uncertainty going on in the world one thing is for sure that AllBRiGHT remains true to giving back despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. “We had a give back campaign that awarded two families free painting services for their home. It is our mission to continue supporting the community that supports us,” Josh added.
Visit the website today and see how AllBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING can make all your painting and floor coating dreams come true: www.allbrightpainting.com

Pivoting in a Pandemic

While vehicle models and options may change with each passing year, one thing that has remained consistent over time has been the car buying process. That is until the pandemic struck. Nothing could have prepared owners Don and Cheri Fleming for what came next. Suddenly, Valencia Acura’s day-to-day business practices – test drives, in person walkarounds, friendly handshakes – all came to a crashing end as the state went into lockdown.
Even amid crisis, the Valencia Acura team understood that life did not stop and daily requirements – although dramatically modified – continued. As the mandate to lock showroom doors took effect in March 2020, Valencia Acura worked to meet customer needs while limiting – and, in many cases, eliminating – human contact. Managers coordinated the sales process virtually, test drives found a new rhythm, and home deliveries became standard practice when requested. When restrictions eased in early May, Valencia Acura emerged with a renewed focus on the health and safety of guests, friends, and employees by establishing safety protocols and following them with military precision.
Now in the era of COVID-19, Valencia Acura takes its unrelenting focus on safety to touchable surfaces both inside and outside the cabin in an innovative way. The Service department introduced BioPledge, a hospital grade disinfectant that provides AntiMicrobial Protection for vehicles proven effective against harmful microbes. Applied as a fine mist, it molecularly bonds to treated surfaces delivering quick-killing action for up to 30 days. Odorless, free of bleach and other harmful chemicals, BioPledge is hypoallergenic with no harsh fumes and safe for a vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces and available for any make or model.
Through these difficult times, the Fleming family has remained committed to ensuring everyone’s health and well-being while in the showroom, on the lot, in the Parts and Service departments, or driving their vehicle. “Our experiences in 2020 will leave an indelible mark on our dealership’s history,” said Don Fleming, whose wife, Cheri, passed away in November. “While we may never go back to the business we had, I’m confident our Friendship dealership will continue to excel in service, safety, and customer loyalty.”
For more information, please visit the website www.ValecniaAcura.com or please call 661.255.3000, stop by and see why Valencia Acura is forging long lasting friendships with their customers: 23955 Creekside Rd., Valencia.

Rethinking Strategies and Past Trends

The COVID pandemic has forced a lot of small businesses to rethink their strategies, bringing a new set of challenges that many are working to navigate. As a realtor, Dippy Chhina of Dilbeck Real Estate has found that going back to previous trends are what seem to be working. “Years ago, in real estate I noticed that buyers preferred to have more information and media online about a home, so I already had 3D virtual walk throughs, video’s and aerials on a majority of my homes for sale, Dippy shared. For years, Dippy has been known for getting desired results and helping her clients find the best deals and even through the pandemic she has made it a point to continue providing these great services to clients. “I am known in SCV for providing good local information on real estate. I made sure my clients past and present were abreast of the market trends, and also the new rules and regulations they needed to adhere to,” Dippy commented. When the stay-at-home order first commenced Dippy was already able to pivot a lot faster than others. “Potential buyers could really see if the home worked for them before setting up an appointment,” Dippy stated. To reduce the amount of people coming in to see the home she used the policies set forth by California Association of Realtors. “I ensured only serious and qualified buyers visited the homes, I had for sale by requesting a pre-approval letter, proof of funds and visitor letter that was required by law,” she added. By also moving most of her forms online like the seller disclosures if possible.
For all your real estate needs, give Dippy a call today: (661) 441-3304.

Staying Hopeful!

Exclusive Sedan Service (ESS) is a generational family business that has provided luxury ground transportation and has seen a shift in demand since the advent of COVID-19. “We have gone down to nine cars in operation from the 40+ fleet we had pre-COVID,” commented owner, Ron Stein. Since the major customer base comes from Studio Executives and corporate offices, they have seen a pause in demand but have gone back to the basics to continue supporting a new customer base. “We went back to providing vehicles for pictures and renting people movers to the studios,” commented Brandan Stein, CEO.
When the stay-at-home order was first mentioned, Exclusive Sedan Service did not shut down as they were an essential business. Despite the lack of demand, they tried their best to keep everyone employed.  “We never shut down which was hard on us as we tried to keep as much of the team employed even though there was no work,” stated Brandan.  To make sure their business would survive the pandemic, ESS made cuts in the executive team. “Brandan and I stopped taking a salary early on in the pandemic and combined with selling most of the fleet, we have been able to pivot to a better place” added Ron.
To ensure customer and staff safety, ESS began thorough sanitization cleaning for their vehicles and equipment.  They have installed e-shields to provide a protective barrier between the passengers and the drivers. “When it first happened, we asked ourselves if we were to get into a car, what would we want to make us feel more protected? So we started with the e-shield,” commented Ron.
Looking toward the future, Exclusive Sedan Service and the Stein family are remaining optimistic and hope for a time to get back to serving their customers again. “We are very grateful for our clients who have stood by us and want to see us succeed. We can’t wait to bring back our employees whom we love. We are happy to be healthy and hope there will be a positive change in the new year,” stated Brandan.
For more information, please visit the website: www.exclusivesedan.com

Providing Love & Smiles

With over 40 years experience, Classic Designs Jewelry has made it their mission to bring smiles to the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Whether you are giving a token of love and commitment to that special someone, or honoring those who have made an impact in your life, Classic Designs Jewelry works closely with customers to make their dreams come true. For their exceptional service and attention to detail, this family-owned and operated business received several awards and recognition. Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Classic Designs has been able to hold true to their business model of bringing smiles to their customers while keeping them safe. “Since the pandemic we have shifted some of our busines practices by offering appointment times for customers, so we have less people in our store,” commented Apo Yessayan, owner. Through the website you can set up a private appointment with one of Classic Designs jewelers to create a custom piece or look through their expertly designed inventory. “After each showing or visitor, we make sure to sanitize everything from the jewelry cases and touchable surfaces like doorknobs and handles,” Apo added. Also, for added protection, each person is required to wear a mask while in the store. “At the store we want our customers and staff to be safe so masks are required when you come into the store,” Apo stated. Additionally, there is hand sanitizing stations throughout the store for customers to use. “With the new year underway we are so grateful for our clients for sticking with us and we look forward to when we can finally get to see their smiles again without the mask,” commented Apo.
To set up an appointment for a gift you will treasure forever, please visit the website: www.classicdesignsjewelry.com.



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