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Though they’re well known for the work they do behind the scenes, M Entertainment Group got its start in the limelight, front and center. When he was in high school, founder and entertainment connoisseur Tyler Lasdon got his first look at what it was like to see what happened when you combined equipment and lights with the main attraction on stage.
Tyler soon delved deeper into the ins and outs of all that the backstage sound and lighting had to offer – right alongside his own father, who started out as a volunteer for the very same school productions Tyler participated in during his time in school.
Fast forward a few years and Tyler had gone from fiddling around with equipment alongside his dad to figuring out a DJ board and learning the details of what it meant to be an equipment expert. That, of course, gradually led to the thrill of working his first solo event, and the rest is history.
Initially, the company was more of a backyard project, with Tyler working as a DJ as he running his first few gigs as he slowly grew out of his high school love of sound and lighting equipment and into the world of professional entertainment. Now, over a decade later, M Entertainment Group has become the premiere professional sound, lighting, and DJ service company here in Santa Clarita.
“I like to look back and see where it all started – just a kid with a small DJ board and a couple of speakers,” he shares. “Now we’re a full-fledged entertainment company with services and events in our history that I would have never dreamed we’d be able to achieve.”
M Entertainment Group caters to a myriad of events, including public, private, weddings, birthdays, projections, and much more. You name it, they cover it.
One particularly memorable event stands out in Tyler’s mind when he reflects back on the success that M Entertainment has enjoyed – after working a wedding at Wolf Creek Brewery, he was hoisted up in the air alongside the happy couple to celebrate a successful night of entertainment and engagement.
“We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, and we’ve brought the party to thousands of events all over southern California and beyond,” Tyler says. “We work round the clock to make sure events go off without any snags.”
Of course, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has had to make some adjustments to align itself with the industry’s new demands. However, corporate and academic livestreams have proven to be nothing that M Entertainment can’t handle, and through the tumultuous state of the world, their dedication to bringing ideas to life has remained strong.
“We’re looking forward to seeing friendly faces again and not having to do a mic check through a mask,” he jokes.
M Entertainment Group boasts a wide inventory of equipment that speaks for itself – just ask any of their clients. From the first moment guests walk into those last dances on the floor, Tyler and his team want it to be a night they will remember forever.
“No job is too big or too small. We strive to be a one stop shop for our clients,” he says. “We’re not just here to host events – we’re here to create experiences.”



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