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Originally from the East Coast, George Baker has used his years of experience to build a business that helps people realize their dreams. ASAP Talent Agency which has grown from a small company with a few clients to represented nearly 500 actors, actress, social media influencers and more.
George Baker has worked in several industries from government agencies to large scale hospitals and has branched out to owning his own businesses and now a successful talent agency. “Right out of high school I worked for the FBI for four years and went back to college to get my degree in engineering. From there I worked at a hospital for 13 years and came back to California with my wife to open a couple of billiard parlors and restaurants,” George shared.
George and his wife Sandee call the Santa Clarita Valley home and have been in California for the past 30 years. “What brought us to Santa Clarita was my wife’s job. She works for Curtiss Wright Corporation and was driving almost 100 miles every day from our home in Westlake Village. It was just fine for me because SCV is just 30 minutes away from Hollywood and now Hollywood has come to us. Santa Clarita has become Hollywood-North which has made my job even easier,” he mentioned. Here George has been able to grow his business and raise his two daughters, Morgan and Alexis.
George started in the music industry by chance and has worked with big names from Motown legends to pop artists. “Coincidentally, I got into the music industry through golf. I was paired with a group and one of the members just happened to be Berry Gordy’s son and we instantly “hit” it off. We competed and golfed religiously twice a week for two years straight. One day he asked me to work on a few projects with him and his dad and I got the chance to work with some incredible legends like Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and many more. We worked on licensing, merchandising and publishing deals for many other recording artists,” George added. Eventually George would branch out on his own and continued to work with stars. “After I went out on my own, I had notable clients from Curtis Mayfield Estate, Rick James, the Ray Charles Estate and LMFAO,” George commented. After doing this for a number of years he eventually transitioned from musicians to actors. “We have clients on hit television shows like Shameless, Star Trek, General Hospital and have done a lot of commercials from fashion ads like Coach, Vanity Fair to major credit card companies like MasterCard and Chase,” he stated. Even as the business has grown into what it is today, George and his team at ASAP Talent Agency still have a more intimate connection with all of his clients. Our motto and mission is a “Boutique Reppin’ Unique” and with a diverse roster he continues to grow and take on new clients.
“We are a mid-size talent agency but, we still have a boutique mentality, meaning we are very involved in the success of our clients and know them all very well,” George shared.
ASAP Talent Agency works with a pretty broad range of people and has a lot of clients right in the Santa Clarita Valley. “We’ve grown to having almost 500 clients in less than five years with over 100 of our actors residing right here in the SCV. We work with everyone from small babies to actors in their 80s,” he stated.
When George is not helping people realize their dream, he enjoys sports and is quite the billiard player. “My modest skill in billiards came from owning the billiard parlors and I have always loved golf. I also bowl at SC Lanes and our favorite past time is visiting various wineries with my wife who has her Sommelier Certification,” George commented. It’s my real job to support my wife and keep practicing one of the crafts she loves.
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