Ultimate Fitness Award Winners 2021

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Congratulations to élite Magazine’s Ultimate Fitness Professionals! These are the best of the best in their field voted on by thousands of community membera and our readers. Be sure if you go see them to say you saw it in élite Magazine.

Ultimate Dance Studio:
Dance Studio 84
27889 Smyth Dr, Valencia
(661) 775-7655

Ultimate Fitness Club:
The Paseo Club
27650 Dickason Dr, Valencia
(661) 257-0044

Ultimate Nutritionist:
Nadine Young
25876 The Old Rd., Suite 478, Stevensons Ranch
(661) 607-7200

Ultimate Recovery:
MEND Cryotherapy
28303 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 443-3022

Ultimate Pilates:
Pilates Pros +

Ultimate Trainer:
James O’Rourke
(Survival of the Fittest)

Ultimate Crossfit Gym:
CrossFit Coveted

Ultimate Dietician:
Barbie Kaufmann, CPT

Ultimate Bootcamp:
Afterburn Fitness

Ultimate Yoga Studio:
Hot Yoga Haven


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