Skating Mamas of SCV

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Spotlight

What started with a pair of skates and a love for community has quickly blossomed into one of the most inclusive and exciting groups here in Santa Clarita – the Skating Mamas. In the time since she first founded the group in mid-February, Dawn Walker has grown her little group of skating lovers to encompass far more than a passion for skating, and it’s all smooth skating from here.
It began with Dawn calling on fellow skating lovers (mamas or otherwise) to join her in putting together the group that is now known as the Skating Mamas of SCV. In the past three weeks, however, it’s gone from just a handful of friends to an impressive 400+ members, all of whom come together (both virtually and safely in person) to enjoy the feeling of community and happiness that come with getting out on a pair of skates.
“At first, the main purpose was for me to find some newer skaters to skate with,” Dawn says. “But now, the goal is to build a community of people who enjoy skating – we feel awestruck that there are so many other people locally who have it in common.”
The group is far more than just a simple weekend skating club, however. Members of the group have already banded together to collect donations for FEEDSCV, advocate for a proper rink for the city, and even volunteering to bring people together to clean up the basketball courts at Central Park, where they meet up to skate every Saturday.
Contrary to what their name suggests, you don’t actually need to be a mother to join – the group is open to any and all members of the community who are interested in skating, whether at the novice or expert level. That’s what it all started with – a love of skating and a desire to expand into the community to see who else shared that same passion.
“I feel an intense sense of community and a newfound joy right here in my hometown,” says Nadine Romero, one of the admins who helps run the Skating Mamas Facebook group. “In the 20 years that I have lived in SCV, rarely have I felt so connected to my neighbors as now.”
The group has done much in the way of uniting members of the community, even in the short time since its founding back in mid-February of this year. As put by Christina Brocato, another Facebook admin and fellow skating lover, “It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of this community that grew so fast – we all needed this!”
The group meets up every Saturday at 4pm at the basketball courts at Central Park, though that’s just the beginning. There are plans to hold special events like fundraisers and skate-a-thons for charity, as well as additional events that can be viewed on their Facebook page. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to come for the Skating Mamas, so if you’ve got that love for skating, check them out!
You can find the Skating Mamas of SCV on Facebook. The group requires a few questions to be answered beforehand and once you’re in, you’re ready to dive into the world of Skating Mamas, Papas, Kids, and SCV residents across all ages and skill levels.
Additionally, if you’re interested in signing the petition to build an official skating rink here in Santa Clarita, you can view and sign here:


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