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by | Mar 23, 2021 | Ultimate Awards

At SCENT (Santa Clarita Ear, Nose & Throat), the doctors are internationally recognized leaders in otolaryngology (ENT) and facial plastic surgery. Here, they specialize in providing forward-thinking care for each individual patient that walks through the doors in the two locations: Valencia, CA and Palmdale, CA. Whether a patient is suffering from sinusitis, are experiencing hearing loss, or is interested in speech and swallowing therapy, they have come to the right place.
SCENT offers a large variety of information on their website because for them patient education is key to understanding and making the best decisions for realistic results. Get detailed information on issues such as Sinusitis, so you can have questions ready for when patients meet with one of the experienced physicians at SCENT.
During the initial consultation, the ENT doctor will review medical history with patients, and discuss any related symptoms to the issues at hand. This includes duration and any association with seasons or other environmental exposures such as allergies or smoking. The SCENT Physicians will also ask if a patient has tried any treatments in the past, and if so for how long and if they were effective.
The physical exam will focus on any anatomical issues a patient may have that may be contributing to their symptoms, such as a deviated septum, swollen or allergic appearing nose and sinus lining and the list is subject to change depending on the chief complaint of the patient. At this time the trained medical professionals will order the appropriate diagnostic testing to get a clearer idea for the course of treatment. Testing, like an in-office nasal endoscope will be used to examine the sinuses and mucus.
At SCENT, the dedicated medical staff take the time to evaluate each facet of the problem to ensure proper diagnosis of the cause, type, and severity of issue their patient may have. Subsequently, SCENT staff will recommend the best treatment option to address a patient’s specific needs.
The highly-trained and experienced medical staff looks forward to providing the care you or your family member need, visit the website to find out more information on one of the leading ENT specialists in the Santa Clarita Valley: www.scentmed.com


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