The Voice of Santa Clarita Ed Masterson

by | May 20, 2021 | Closeup

Being able to get up in front of a crowd of people is not something everyone can do easily but for some it just seems like second nature. For the past two decades, Ed Masterson has been the go-to person for emceeing events in the Santa Clarita Valley, he has worked with non-profits, local businesses and private events combining his skills in public speaking and entertainment to set the tone while giving that added flair and showmanship. “I love working within Santa Clarita, I am lucky to have been so welcomed by this community, I can be in a crowd of 300 people and I probably know 250 of them,” commented Ed. Ed jokingly attributes his ability to be comfortable in front of a crowd to his encounter with an old Irish legend. “My dad came from Ireland and there was this famous castle that was 12 stories high called Blarney Castle and it was said that kissing the Blarney stone at the very top of this castle would give you the gift of gab and I kissed the stone when I was five and again when I was 18, since then I have never had a problem with finding something to say,” he said.
Ed has always had a knack for entertaining others and commanding a crowd and always knew he was going to be in this industry. In his youth he found inspiration during a family trip to Universal Studios that would later set the foundation for years to come. “I went on a Universal Studios when I was 8 with mom and grandma and I was hooked ever since,” Ed commented. As circumstance would have it, he knew he would one day work there after seeing one of the tours. “There was a comedy show on air called The Munsters that I watched as a kid all the time and as they were driving on the backlot the tram took us to see the famous house, as a kid that mesmerized me. I knew one day I wanted to work there, and I wanted to be involved in the movie business,” Ed continued.
Soon after college, Ed applied for a job at Universal, ultimately getting the job he wanted after a strenuous interview process. “I had to be tested for my public speaking skills then had to learn a lot about the park and the tour, this was rigorous testing; but I passed and made it as a tour guide. After about a year I was bumped up to VIP Tour guide where I got the chance to show the park to celebrities, heads of state and royalty on a smaller scale,” Ed added. Eventually, Ed moved to being a Production Coordinator for tv shows at Universal Studios where he again was inspired to start script writing until the late 90s. “I did script writing for about 5 years until 99’ and the jobs began drying up, so I started looking for another job,” Ed stated. This career move would lead Ed to working various jobs within the community until he found his current position with SOS Entertainment. “I really have enjoyed working in this area, and cannot think of a better place to be,” Ed commented.
Ed and his family have been in this valley since 1988 and throughout the years, Ed has been involved in the community as a huge asset that always seeks to help, a key trait that has always been with him. “My dad was a real people person and always taught me that when people ask for help it must mean they really need it, so its best to just help without any questions or judgement,” Ed said. 


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