Ultimate Male Dentists
 Drs. Ben & Shawn Javid • Promenade Dentistry

by | May 20, 2021 | Ultimate Awards

For many years Promenade Dentistry has provided excellent patient care. With 25 plus years of experience between them, Doctors Shawn and Ben Javid have been running a successful Dentistry practice for the past several years. Promenade Dentistry has been treating patients in various aspects of dentistry, from cosmetic and sedation services to monthly dental exams and cleanings. Drs. Ben and Shawn Javid play a vital role in the health and success of the Santa Clarita Valley. They are immersed into the community with philanthropic causes and charity events as well as being involved in several dental societies throughout the Los Angeles County. This Dynamic, sibling Duo has provided excellent dental care to the Santa Clarita Valley while keeping everyone’s smile just that much brighter. Recently, both Shawn and Ben were awarded the Ultimate Male Dentist.
Shawn uses his persistence, determination and dedication to further his success while remaining close with family which is a top priority in his life. “My personal goals are to make sure my family is healthy and happy and give them the best life possible also to give the best quality of Dental care I can give every day in my Practice.” He draws inspiration from role models like Elon Musk and Dwayne Johnson who despite their success they remain humble and are always trying to better themselves in health and business. “I live a very active lifestyle. I’m a swimmer, lift and hike ad enjoy spending time with the family whenever possible.”
For Ben, his compassion, honesty and detail-oriented nature keeps him striving to be the best. “I want to be 1. the best father, husband, brother, son, friend I can be and 2. Be the best possible Dentist, leader, entrepreneur and humanitarian I can be.” He is also a family man and loves to do outdoor activities or travel with family and friends. “When I get to spend time with my family and friends, we do a lot of boating and hiking or traveling on vacations.”
Voted on by thousands of our readers these two gentlemen are well deserving of this award for their commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction. Both brothers take pride in their business and share a love for dentistry and family, and we wish them well on their future endeavors.
Promenade Dentistry is a leading and innovative dental practice in the Santa Clarita Valley. They are located at 27420 Tourney Road Suite 230 Santa Clarita, CA 91355. Let Promenade Dentistry help you brighten up your smile! For more information, please call 661.347.1950 or visit their website https://www.bestsantaclaritadentist.com


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