Ultimate Male Large Business Executive
 Matt Stone • SCV Water

by | May 20, 2021 | Ultimate Awards

Title: General Manager | Business: SCV Water | Current Position Length: 5 years
What you do: As General Manager, I work directly for the Board of Directors and manage a staff of 220. The job entails a wide range of knowledge including public administration, water law, engineering, operations, water resource planning, water quality, finance, contracts, customer relations, legislative advocacy, community outreach, human resources and of course management and organizational leadership.
Traits: Intuitive, creative, logical.
Goals: Travel, spend time with family and friends, pursue my passion for music and songwriting, and give something back to the world.
Role Models: Rather than name a specific person, these are traits that I admire in a variety of people I’ve known or read about. People who treat others with dignity and respect. People who work at a craft or avocation to continually improve. People who mentor, teach others or inspire others to be better. People who serve others. People who exhibit integrity when it isn’t convenient or personally advantageous.
Greatest Moment in Life: Hard to pick one moment in a lifetime. A memorable one was a songwriters in the round concert near my hometown which both of my parents, in their 80’s, attended, and even my best friend from grade school turned up (as a complete surprise).
Hobbies: I write songs. Each new song that comes along is like a little miracle of pulling something out of the ether that no one else would do in quite the same way.



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