Author and Non-profit Leader Coach Syreet Brown

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Cover Story

“With my writing, I am always determined to empower, inform, and learn. I write my truth boldly, hoping to inspire others to live theirs.”
Syreeta Brown, known in SCV as “Coach Syreeta”, is a woman whose passion, energy, and capacity for love are rivaled by few others. From a young age, she knew she was destined to use her voice, dance, and the power of the written word – to uplift and encourage others, regardless of anything that stood in her way. Today, she’s made strides in achieving that goal, and the future holds no limits for her.
Syreeta grew up in rough beginnings, but her spirituality and empathy — with the guidance and love of her mother — taught her to put compassion above all else, and it’s this philosophy that led her to accomplish two major tasks thus far in life: she’s published her own book, and she’s founded a nonprofit that aligns itself with her ultimate goal of caring for others across all avenues of life.
Syreeta’s nonprofit, Shake to Life Center (STLC), is an organization that promotes self-efficiency, self-efficacy, and self-empowerment through a variety of educational and personal development programs. Through volunteers, donations, fundraisers, and different forms of activism, STLC is able to support and uplift the lives of others in need.
STLC has created several outreach programs and partnerships, with one recent example being their annual drive to send backpacks with school supplies to school children in Belize, and educational material to West Africa. Since its official inception in the summer of 2020, Syreeta and her team have worked tirelessly to provide the resources and support underserved countries need.
Syreeta’s belief in empathy and compassion extend beyond the scope of what STLC does. Syreeta herself is a Holistic Life Coach and Author who prides herself on her natural ability to support her “earth roommates” during their life span. She doesn’t believe in a niches. Her superpower is her huge spectrum of coaching specialties, including sex and intimacy, emotional, spiritual & cultural, and creativity coaching. She is also an Aging, Death and Dying Doula.
“While working on my Psych degree, I ran across life coaching and knew it was a perfect fit,” she says. “Coaching allowed me to incorporate my professional and personal experiences to support others on their full life span experience.”
Additionally, Syreeta’s young love for writing has brought forth another major accomplishment for her: the publishing of her first novel, Burn Thursday. The book follows her journey towards self-actualization, healing, and personal growth. She hopes that she can use her own life experiences to encourage and lead others to empowerment.
“I wanted my readers to know what life could look like if you show up for yourself,” she says. “Despite disappointments, losses, and deep hurts, you can fully heal and have forward movement.”
Through her writing, coaching, dancing, and nonprofit, Syreeta is a woman on a journey to give all of herself and her resources to support others in finding their own superpowers, aka “their purpose”.
You can find Burn Thursday on Amazon. And to keep up with all of Syreeta’s shenanigans and upcoming book tour, visit these websites, or


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