Encouraging Confidence and Strength with Dance For Our Youth

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Spotlight

Whether at social events or for sport, dancing has a lot more to it than just learning the steps. When you see professionals sway and move you notice each one has one thing in common, unwavering confidence. For this reason, a lot of dance studios and mental health professionals encourage taking up dance because of its therapeutic nature and to build confidence. Recently, Single Mother’s Outreach (SMO) and D’Wilfri Dance Art and Entertainment Studio have partnered together to provide dance therapy to children. “Our organization is always proactively seeking ways to address the needs of our community. It is a privilege to be able to partner with D’Wilfri Studio to provide dance therapy,” commented, Executive Director, Yorleni Sapp.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on everyone, especially the children who in some cases are going through even tougher times in a single parent household. With dance therapy, students are able to socialize, exercise and connect. “I reached out to Yorleni and discussed how our studio can be of service, I suggested to her how we can come up with a program and I knew through dance we can teach these children core values and build their self-esteem,” commented Ingrid Blanco, co-owner of D’Wilfri Dance Art and Entertainment Studios.
In the beginning there was a bit of struggle finding enough sponsorship for necessary supplies for the attendees, but through community outreach, D’Wilfri was able to get it done. “I reached out to my students explaining the need for supplies and how through dance we can really make an impact on these kids’ lives and they each pitched in to purchase dance shoes,” Ingrid added.
During the 7-month program the students will learn different types of dances, how to structure themselves, and just having fun. To add to the curriculum D’Wilfri has enlisted the help of Linda Kingsley whose professional experience has been an asset to the program. “Initially, my role was helping put together the curriculum notebook for each of the girls. After doing more research on dance therapy, I got more involved and now help out with some of the logistics and proper movement so the girls can continue to improve and build that confidence,” Linda stated.
The advantages that these girls are getting are going far above just learning the dance, they are learning discipline, taking on small leadership roles, and how to function in a different area outside of normal school parameters. “We want to teach trust and having inner strength to the girls and work as mentors by sharing our own experiences in life, we always use encouragement so they can be role models for their peers, siblings and sometimes even their mom, if necessary,” commented Willy Arroyo, co-owner of D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment Studio.
For more information on D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment please visit the website www.dwilfri.com or to support Single Mother’s Outreach Santa Clarita please visit their website: www.singlemothersoutreach.org

Photos by Joie De Vivre Photographie



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