Living Life To The Fullest With Luca Toumadi

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Closeup

Kickboxer, renowned chef, and Hollywood actor, Luca Toumadi is living life to the fullest. Luca grew up in Italy and has traveled the world perfecting his craft as a chef and now actor. “I grew up in the “City of Bosses”, Corleone, Sicily where the real Godfather story took place and that is why I grew up strong, like most boys there, you start fighting early and at the age of thirteen I had to be tough.” Luca channeled his strength and began kickboxing. “Only the strong survive and that’s how I became such a great fighter.” As a kid his parents instilled strong values of humility, honesty and generosity but to never allow others to take advantage of you which he still follows today. “I don’t like someone pushing my buttons because my father taught me to love my enemy with kindness. But I always know karma will deliver like pizza.”
Luca came to the United States in 1998 to pursue his acting career taking inspiration from his late acting coach. “When I was in Morroco I studied under Houri Houssin, he saw something in me and really pushed me to come to America to study acting. His dream for me was to work with Tayeb Sadiki [one of the most iconic and prominent Arabic theater directors]. Unfortunately, Houri Houssin committed suicide years ago.” Soon after coming to America, Luca continued to pursue his acting career and has worked on feature films like Calico Skies, Business of Betrayal, and Limo Driver. “I truly enjoy acting it is one of my greatest passions in life and I have been so fortunate to work alongside some amazing people.”
Despite his tough persona, Luca has a philanthropic heart. “I help the homeless, local churches, and hospitals. Since the pandemic, I worked with the police department and their challenges with the Corona Virus. I also spend my time working with autistic children by giving them the opportunity to learn cooking skills.”
When he is not studying for a role, he volunteers his time as a religious motivational speaker and world-class chef making sure to live in happiness and joy every day. “You should always give love and have peace because life is too short, I see life as actors in the theater. Everyone finishes their roles so make sure you do it correctly.”


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