Singing Sensation Madison Marigold

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Closeup

When people are asked about their life milestones, more often than not there are a few that stick out in particular. An event here, an event there – there are always one or two that have a special place in their hearts. For Madison Marigold, though, it’s difficult to pick just one major milestone; on a journey like hers, there are so many steps taken that it feels like the journey itself is her one big milestone.
Madison is a 22 year old born and raised Santa Clarita resident. She graduated from Saugus High School back in 2017, and at the end of May 2021, she’ll be a UC Berkeley graduate with a degree in Political Economy and a minor in Chinese. That’s just scratching the surface, though – underneath her degree and her beginnings lie a more exciting passion, one that she’s ready to pursue wholeheartedly as she continues on her journey.
Madison is a singer, songwriter, and producer of her own sound – you name it, she does it. Music is her passion, and it has been since she was a little girl. She started playing the piano at age 10, but what really turned her to the music scene was a video of Beyonce singing the national anthem at a basketball game. Milestone number one.
“I saw her singing, and the first thing I thought to myself was wow, I want to do that!” she said.
She did go on to follow in Beyonce’s footsteps – though she did it right here in her hometown. Madison has been the national anthem singer for the Michael Hoefflin Foundation in Santa Clarita since she was 10, and from her first performance at their event, she knew she was destined to fall into the world of music. Milestone number two.
Everything started when she was in middle school, when she would write and sing her own songs with the help of Garageband and some other friends who were musically inclined. Then, when she got to high school, she started posting covers of other songs on Youtube, and this was where things really took off.
After covering a Chinese song, the original artist reached out to her and asked to do a duet, which she agreed to do immediately. After the duet was posted, a touring company saw the video and contacted her to ask to open for Demi Lovato in Xhenjiang in 2015 – which she did, in front of 60,000 people on a stage she felt comfortable on instantly.
Milestone number three.
A year later in 2016, she sang the national anthem at a Lakers game, and after that, the rest was history.
“I had to slow down a little bit when I started college,” she said. “But I never stopped working on my music. I kept working and writing, because music was where I was most happy – it’s where I could make the biggest difference.”
During quarantine, milestone number four came along – she got a call for the Voice and was asked to submit audition tapes, and in that moment, it truly cemented for her the fact that she couldn’t see herself doing anything other than music.
Madison is a storyteller through and through, and her journey has been all about finding a way to use her voice to express her love of music and get through to each and every listener. She dreams of one day having a top chart hit, and she has plans to continue performing, which is something she’s loved since day one. In the coming months she’s hoping to finish her upcoming EP and release even more music, building on her two released singles, San Francisco Sunset and Pressure.
In many ways, her journey has just started, and she’s got a lot of milestones waiting to be reached now that she’s letting her musicality take her where she belongs.
You can find Madison on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms. Her covers and other videos are up on Youtube, and you can find her at @madisonmarigold on all social media platforms.


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