A Dynamic Story – Jeff & Melanie Meyer

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Dynamic Couple

Before they were known as the financial planning front runners in Santa Clarita, they were simply two people looking for ways to give back to the community they called home. Today, they’re the ultimate philanthropic power couple, and they’ve got a lot more to offer our community than just their savvy financial knowledge.
Melanie and Jeff Meyer moved to Santa Clarita in 1990 and instantly fell in love with the area – right off the bat they felt at home. It was only a few more years until they opened their financial planning office in Santa Clarita, having realized that it was a steadily growing community. Though they have offices elsewhere, Melanie admits that they love working here the most, where they’re amongst the friends and the community they adore.
After making SCV their home, they got to work on establishing themselves in the community as not only a positive force in the world of financial planning, but also a duo determined to give back in every way they could.
“We’re firm believers in giving back – because when much is given to you, much is expected,” Melanie says. “We’ve been so fortunate to live and work in SCV, so giving back just makes sense.”
Indeed, the Meyers have made it a priority to give back to the same community that was there for them during some of their toughest battles. When Melanie was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2018, it felt like a cruel twist of fate – and the twists continued when Jeff was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years later.
“When we received our diagnoses, we went through so many scenarios of ‘What did we do’? ‘Why did this happen to us’?” Melanie says. “Then we both realized that neither of us did anything – cancer just chose both of us.”
They sought treatment at the UCLA offices right here in Santa Clarita, where they received exceptional care and oncologists. Additionally, Melanie shares that it was her group of friends in Santa Clarita that supported her through everything, alongside her office staff that kept things running while she and Jeff prioritized their health.
“After we were diagnosed, we were able to quickly decide what was important – what we needed to focus on, what we could stop worrying about,” Melanie says. “That attitude has continued as the years have gone on.”
Today, their goals are to stay healthy, stress less, and continue building a name for themselves in the community they hold such a strong love for. In addition working as financial planners, they’ve also participated in tons of SCV organizations, including Circle of Hope, the Trinity Classical Academy, and much more.
In fact, they’ll be partnering in the WiSh Education Foundation’s Beatles Tribute at the end of September, which will mark almost 15 years since they first started out as tributers.
“Some of the best memories we have are from living here,” Melanie says. “We grew as newlyweds, we grew as a family, we grew personally, and we grew professionally. We love the SCV community!”​ 


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