Introducing The Artist’s 11th Annual Empowering Hearts Gala 2021

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Spotlight

Empowering HeArts is an annual celebration of inspiring women, art, and community, bridging the worlds of social action and artistic expression. This year’s theme is Survivor. The event will be at Reyes Winery on Main Street in Newhall on November 12.
Empowering HeArts 2021 is an annual event that helps raise funds for programs and services offered at Single Mothers Outreach and in helping to empower the members they serve. Each year, the community nominates women they feel embody the selected theme. Once narrowed down to six honorees, they are then paired with 6 local artists who will help depict the stories of how these women represent the theme.
On the night of our event, they reveal the beautiful art pieces created by the artists. The community comes together to help celebrate these inspiring women. With entertainment throughout the night and wonderful items up for auction, it is surely a night you will not want to miss out on!
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Alex Mouton
I was raised by a single mother in my teen years and I saw the struggles and adversity she overcame, that coupled with my recent drive to pursue my passion as a artist has been the driving force for inspiration and I love that I can showcase my work with my community.

Tannaz Santos
I’m honor to be a part of Empowering Hearts family. It’s so inspiring to hear the stories of these beautiful people, how hard they all work to be where they are now, not easy at all. When you have a family that they care about you, gives you hope.
Kirby Lanier
Every year I am inspired to be apart of Empowering Hearts because my job of being a part of someone’s healing process, as an artist, is never finished! There’s always someone’s heart to help heal or someone I can inspire through my gift. This year, I’ll be freezing a moment in time for my honoree, to help her keep her focus, to help her remember her “why” so she CAN survive what she is going through.

Brielle Oakley
Empowering HeArts is near to my heart as I have personally witnessed my own mom overcome her trauma and struggles and a single mother. Every woman’s story is unique, and this inspiring and encouraging event connects two things I love most in the world: Art and building up other women.

Anahita Perez
As an artist I feel art can sometimes bring a voice or speak in a way where language may not. Art can be a powerful tool to convey stories and relay emotions. I believe when women support each other, incredible things can happen. As an artist my art is my passion and I’m excited to lend my talent to something I believe in. My hope is that through art I can bring a voice and awareness to the Single Mothers’ OutReach. As both a mom and an artist I’m excited to be a part of this event.

Aazam Irilian
I participate in this event because it allows me to connect with other strong women and celebrate their accomplishments. It is a way to acknowledge how strong and resilient women are—that nothing can stop them when they decide to take action. Second, it keeps me humbled and connected to my community.



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