Todd Wilson and Scott Ervin Co-Founders of FeedSCV

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Cover Story

When local foodies Todd Wilson and Scott Ervin first crossed paths, they had no idea what was in store for them – they were just two guys involved in the food lovers community swapping recipes and favorite finds within the area.
Their friendship started out in an online foodie forum for Santa Clarita residents, and it was through this forum that they set up their first meeting at a local restaurant. Here, the two realized that they were a match made in foodie heaven: Scott had a passion for teaching others, and Todd had a passion for starting and driving new things. Together, they both had a strong desire to serve the community and give back, which is how it all got started.
“It was two like minds finding each other,” says Todd. “Things naturally progressed from there, and we got the ball rolling and started sharing our goals with each other.”
FeedSCV started with two foodies and a desire to help the community. Since its inception in 2015, the nonprofit has blossomed into something much bigger than a love for community and food; today, FeedSCV offers cooking classes, volunteer opportunities, and countless other resources to give back to those who need it most here in Santa Clarita.
“We’re going in the right direction – we have more of a solid footing and we’re starting to find people who are really solidifying their roots in this town,” shares Todd.
The main goal of FeedSCV is clear: to make sure that no one goes hungry. This is, of course, a huge achievement to work towards, but Todd and Scott embrace the challenge fully – as long as they live in Santa Clarita and as long as they’re able to, the organization will continue to teach others and provide resources for those in need.
Furthermore, FeedSCV works hand in hand with the greater Santa Clarita community to work towards a fully fed future. As Todd puts it, a significant part of what keeps FeedSCV going is the cooperation and dedication of SCV residents day in and day out.
“I continue to be impressed by the community’s response whenever we put out a request for help, in the case of a disaster or emergency,” he says. “There are people readily waiting to take food to those who need it, and that spirit and readiness is what helps motivate us to get up and help those who need food and comfort.”
You can learn more about FeedSCV and help their mission by signing up for their mailing list on their website,, as well as learn about their different volunteer opportunities through their social media.
“However you can help with your time is enough for us, whether it be your time, donations, or just taking some time to share your thoughts and feedback with us,” says Todd. “We’re here to share knowledge and give people the skills they need to ensure that everyone has what they need.”

Want To Get Involved?

Those looking to get involved in an organization as crucial to our community as FeedSCV can participate in their year-end fundraiser, which will take place on Saturday, November 13, from 8:00am – 8:00pm. An all day Streamathon with live-streamed cooking demonstrations, drinks and lots of fun! You will have a chance to win meals that are being prepared live, a mini Pi(e) Auction and a chance to interact and cook along with celebrity chefs. They’ll be livestreaming standup comedy skits and auctions, to raise money to keep FeedSCV’s wheels turning.

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