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All of the above names hold a special place in Billy Osborne’s heart. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Billy first stepped foot into the world of jazz at three years old, having already accompanied his father on stage at that age. From there unfolded a journey of milestones and achievements, including writing for Ray Charles himself and securing his first gold record in 1975 as part of LTD.
Billy came to California when he was in his late twenties, but by that time, he’d already had an impressive musical resume underway. It kept him grounded, kept him down to earth; he liked to translate his own life experiences onto others through the power of music.
“Music is a way of spreading messages,” he says. “Music shares good thoughts – loving thoughts, and good communication.”
Alongside his work with Ray Charles is Billy’s impressive list of musical performances and accolades, including his award in Metronome Magazine at just 16. He also spent time working with some of the “greats” like the names mentioned above.
Part of what makes Billy’s journey so unique is how and where his inspiration comes from. He cites some of history’s greatest jazz artists as his sources, but also his faith, which has consistently reminded him that every single day holds a new lesson.
Then there’s his wife of 40 years, Cyndy, and their children, Billy, Victor, Chamin, Jamal, and of course, Carrie who have all supported and uplifted him throughout the years.
After years of exploring the meaning of music and the potential it holds for spreading love, Billy has settled comfortably into the life of a musician whose duty is to now form a legacy in his wake.
He’s planning to start up a virtual songwriter’s workshop with his partner, Brenda Lee Eager, with their combined experience writing for artists like Prince, Ray Charles, Arethra Franklin, Jerry Butler, and others.

He’s also working on an artfully crafted gospel project, which has taken up much of the last 12 years of his life. The project is a testament to his spirituality and dedication to faith; in the end, it’s about the love and inspiration that come from these two aspects of him that make everything truly worth it.
“I’m all about loving one another and trying to understand one another,” he says. “That’s what I’m working to do – that’s what I want to express through the music.”
Having traveled all over the world, Billy has learned countless lessons about the industry, the world of music, the ins and outs of jazz, and much more. Music, as he says, is international; it has the potential to bring people together, and that kind of chemistry is what’s kept him grounded in the measures of his life.
On a more local level, he cites Santa Clarita’s own Dr. Tony Avakian and his wife, Kristen, as being two people who do the good work and carry the good vibes he takes inspiration from.
“I’ve achieved a lot of goals in my life, but now I want to leave a legacy that means something,” he says. “I want to leave some goodness behind me – something that will last through generations.”
To learn more about Billy’s journey and for information on signing up for the songwriter’s workshop, you can find him on Facebook under Billy Osborne Music, or via email at and phone at (818) 456-8475.



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