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Stevenson Ranch Branch Manager Ashur Betmaleck is eager to help Logix Federal Credit Union members fulfill their dreams.
“Having worked at Logix for nearly a decade, I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people. Some have come in to open up accounts for their kids, others are looking to save for retirement, and many reach out for help with their borrowing needs whether it is for mortgage, car and more,” he said. “No matter what the instance, our goal is for our members’ to feel good about the financial decisions they make, and know they can trust Logix to provide the best guidance possible.”
Yelp reviews reinforce Betmaleck’s commitment to members.
“When members write online reviews about exceptional service they’ve received, and how we’ve saved them money or helped them achieve their financial goals, like purchasing their first home; it validates that we’re staying true to Logix mission to help our members thrive,” he said. “I really appreciate their kind words; it motivates me to continue to help each and every individual and family who comes to our door. When we pick up a call, we are met with a reaction of surprise on the other end; ‘I can’t believe I didn’t have to press additional numbers to get to you.’ Being accessible is one of many reasons I continue to work at Logix.”
And, when he can, Betmaleck volunteers in the community to give local high school students a head start on financial literacy.
“Logix has given us opportunities to teach juniors and seniors a little bit about how to create a budget, what a mortgage is, and how to build your credit. We know how important it is to have a good idea about how finances work when you’re young. Building credit and making good decisions early has an effect on your financial future.”
One of the students visited the branch to open an account. “When the student turned 18, he came in and got a share secured credit card. Two years later, he was able to get financing on his own for his dream car – a Mustang – because of the credit he built up and all because he was introduced to good credit habits at a young age,” Betmaleck said.
Branch Service Manager Daniel Warda works alongside Betmaleck.
“We’re fortunate to have Ashur (Betmaleck) in a leadership role. He is willing to provide support to members and staff alike. Several member referrals will make appointments because of his reputation. And, we work together to help inspire our employees to be their best selves. Customer and community service, along with a strong focus of employee morale, is what makes our branch successful. We have an appreciation for our city, our members and our staff, and we care about them.”
In 2019, after trying to decide whether to host a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange, Betmaleck and the branch team wanted to pay it forward, as they said they have everything they need. They got together – using their personal dollars – to purchase 20 toys to donate to the Michael Hoefflin Foundation. Betmaleck said they’re going to bring back this effort in December. “The branch staff is connected to the community. They know how important it is to be involved; ensuring our members and local residents feel supported is good for all of us.”
Logix hosted a community service day at the Hyatt Regency Valencia a few years ago, and SCV Project Linus Chapter Coordinator Sharon Garvar attended. Betmaleck walked up to her and the two instantly walked down memory lane. “Ashur (Betmaleck) was one of my students at Academy of the Canyons. I’m glad to see our graduates are working in our community to give back through their companies. It’s rewarding to see them making a difference.”
He’s also a bit of a foodie, health enthusiast and a thrill-seeker. “If I’m going to indulge in great food, I know I’ll have to burn some calories at Barry’s Bootcamp. I have gone skydiving five times because once just wasn’t enough.”
Betmaleck has put in a baker’s dozen years in banking. He’ll continue to work hard to prove his worth to his members.
Ashur Betmaleck can be reached at For more information on Logix, please visit


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