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It’s Your Party So, Pick the Dress You Want To!

Some women are born with the ability to know exactly what they want when they see it. Take my youngest sister, she is one of those women, incredibly decisive and doesn’t hesitate. I am not one of those women. “I like options” — that is my motto! As you can imagine,...

Destination Wedding of Kyle & Maggie-Mae Gaughan

Married: October 20, 2018 Catalina Island, CA Bride: Maggie-Mae Laufman Groom: Kyle Gaughan How They Met: Maggie-Mae and Kyle met at The Tavern in Ventura, California. Kyle’s friends from the miltary base were talking with Maggie-Mae and her friends, but Kyle sat on...

Vital Roles of Wedding Planners

 So you said yes to one of the biggest questions of your life…” Will you marry me?” You finally found the one, your soulmate and are in wedded bliss. Now, you and your significant other are about to embark on one of the most wondrous, incredible, fulfilling ventures...

The Persian Wedding of Lauren & Vahid Hamzeinejad

Married: November 10, 2018 Hummingbird Nest Ranch Santa Susana, CA Bride: Lauren Heath Groom: Vahid Hamzeinejad How They Met: Vahid was working in the Bay Area, Lauren went to visit her best friend (and Matron of Honor), who happened to be a friend of Vahid’s. When...

Great Escape: Bachelor/Bachelorette Edition!

You’ve been asked to be the maid of honor or best man and you know the groom/bride-to-be is not one for the traditional debauchery of a bachelor/bachelorette party. What are you to do? Pinterest is always a good idea but then you tend to go down a rabbit hole and find...