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A Message from Associate Publisher Amanda Benson

 Sitting in one of my favorite local wine bars, I noticed a tall handsome guy walk in who looked familiar, but I couldn’t place his face.  About a glass and a half later it hit me – it was Jacob from Lost!  Fast-forward to a few emails and phone calls later, and Mark Pellegrino is on our cover!  That’s how this town is: small but big!  You never know who you might see, just enjoying a moment to themself in our quaint little community.

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As an Elite advertiser since the first issue, I continue to be satisfied with our advertising results.  It’s been a pleasure to work with the Elite team.  As a SCV resident, I look forward to every issue.

Kathy Allie

Cobblestone Cottage


I wholeheartedly recommend Elite Magazine for an advertising source. We have had the pleasure of advertising in the Elite Magazine for the past nine years and watched our business grow because of it.

Clay Friedman

N Style Salon

26111 Bouquet Canyon Rd Ste A3

Saugus, CA 91350


Amanda is a real professional. She makes her clients feel comfortable and the ease of working with her is incredible. Thanks to her for the ad change suggestions and for the social media exposure.  The extras like that make it well worth the money invested, to get her expertise and support.

Steve Rice

Lawn Kings Inc


When i pick up and read elite Magazine I feel connected to the community which is one of the many reasons I have decided to advertise in elite Magazine. I am able to touch many different demographics. I love the format, how the ads and articles are presented. The topics are well written and easy to read. The staff are more than accommodating, helping me with everything from layout to color choice and logo presentation. They understand branding and how important it is. I have received many positive responses from my ads in the magazine and this is why I will continue to be a part of elite Magazine.

SkinSmith / Cynthia Smith

COVER April-May 2016

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